The Hypocrisy of North Korea [Infographic]

I’ve been intrigued with North Korea for a while now, before the recent drama with Kim Jong-Un’s warmongering. Their society seems like a real-life 1984- which is so interesting but also so tragic. Recently, I started reading the DPRK government website and even their FB page. Check those out- it is very interesting to experience some DPRK propaganda first-hand. Also, the book The Cleanest Race paints an understandable (and insane) picture of why the DPRK government does what it does, and how they maintain 1984-style control over the minds and spirits of their citizens.

I wish the best for all the innocents and good people living in that society.



Population and GDP of North Korea: CIA World Factbook

DPRK military spending:

Population and GDP of South Korea: CIA World Factbook

Philosophies of the DPRK: The Official Webpage of the DPRK

Songbun (the DPRK caste system): Marked for Life: Songbun, North Korea’s Social Classification System

Rights (or lack thereof) of citizens in the DPRK: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2011 (US Dept of State)

Access to electricity: Addressing the Electricity Access Gap (The World Bank)

Malnutrition in children: Preliminary Report of the National Nutrition Survey 2012 (DPRK, WFP, UNICEF, WHO)

Lifespan of North Koreans: “North Koreans live 11 years less than South Koreans” (Korean Times)

Household income from illegal small businesses- Asia Times Online

Food and famine stats: Famine in North Korea: markets, aid, and reform (Columbia University Press)

Prison camps: NY Times and CNN

Democides of the Kim Il-Sung regime: Statistics Of North Korean Democide (R.J. Rummel)

Motivation of Kim Jong-Un: Kim Jong-un has made a decent fist of rattling the US (The Guardian)

Internal perceptions of Kim Jong-Il and Kim Il-Sung: The Cleanest Race

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  1. The Korean writing on the chart is incorrect.

    It says “Kim Jeong Il” in Korean next to English “Kim Il Sung”.
    Then it lists in Korean “Kim Jong Un” next to the English “Kim Jong Il”
    Finally it lists in Korean “Kim Il Sung” next to the English “Kim Jong Un”

    김 일성 = Kim Il Sung
    김 정일 = Kim Jong Il
    김 정은 = Kim Jong Un

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