The Hypocrisy of North Korea [Infographic]

I’ve been intrigued with North Korea for a while now, before the recent drama with Kim Jong-Un’s warmongering. Their society seems like a real-life 1984- which is so interesting but also so tragic. Recently, I started reading the DPRK government website and even their FB page. Check those out- it is very interesting to experience some DPRK propaganda first-hand. Also, the book The Cleanest Race paints an understandable (and insane) picture of why the DPRK government does what it does, and how they maintain 1984-style control over the minds and spirits of their citizens.

I wish the best for all the innocents and good people living in that society.


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What do you know about GMOs? [Infographic]

GMOs are an important but tough issue to understand.  There is good, there is bad and there is a whole bunch of sensationalism.  This infographic attempts to provide a unbiased overview of GMOs.  It barely scratches the surface and does not comprehensively cover all important GMO issues.  Click on the image to see it larger, and feel free to share it/repost it if you like it!

Read on for sources and further reading.

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